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Andrew Miller

December 3, 2023’s Success Story on the Random Thoughts Podcast

Episode 2 of our Random Thoughts podcast with me and larry fischer is now on demand on HDTV,, and Apple at . Episode 2 featured the case study of our Chocolate*com transaction through our special guest Warren Struhl. It is an exciting entrepreneurial business and growth story made even better by the fact that it is a management team of a father, son, and son in law. Episode 3 will be on Thursday, Dec 14th at 12pm est with yet another CEO who has built a massive business on an exact match domain name asset and brand. As given on the podcast, you can use code Andrew20 to buy the best corporate gifts on Chocolate*com.

Understanding the Psychology of Ultra-Premium Domain Deals

If you own a valuable, ultra premium .com domain name asset, it is really important to understand the psychology and driver of a win win transaction. I often hear someone say, “this domain is a no-brainer for (fill in name).” It is really rare that those who can approve the decision to acquire a 7-8 figure domain name will do so without knowing exactly why they want or need it and what they will do with it after they acquire it. That does not imply that those who have a plan always succeed. That is why category, exact match domain names come back on the market. However, so much of my track record as a founder, investor, and advisor is because I understand this distinction. This is also why one of the most critical strategies in overseeing the sale of a domain name is what I regularly refer to is “letting it marinate.” My network is my absolute strength and it is a core part of how we work to cast as wide a net as possible, and once we do, continue ongoing dialogue because I cannot stress how many 7-8 figure domain deals I have overseen that started as “no” and ended as a yes many months or even years later. Why? Because the company was now ready with a plan, and someone internally became a champion for the domain asset. We Hilco Digital Assets are overseeing the most valuable domain names in the world, all viewable at HilcoDigital/com/domains. DM or email me to discuss any opportunity.

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