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Domain Name Assets

Hilco Digital is overseeing the following Premium Exact Match and Category Domain Name Assets.

Hilco Digital Assets is an investor and advisor on premium, exact brand match, and category domain names. Led by domain name expert Andrew Miller, our track record is unparalleled, with over $330 million dollars of investments, buy, and sell side transactions managed.

HDA represents the leading corporations, venture capital and private equity firms,  and domain name investors, providing both sell and buy side negotiation, trademark services, and turnkey deal management. Premium domain names are balance sheet assets, and can be amortized over fifteen years, resold, and appreciate in value. The most prime Internet real estate and addresses provide authority, the utmost credibility, “hear it once, remember it forever” memorability, organic and paid search engine advantages, and add exponential enterprise value to your company, while being strategically offensive and defensive. 

Featured Domains


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