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Investors, Experts, and Advisors on Digital Assets – Domain Names, NFTs, Web 3.0

Digital assets are the fastest growing and most rapidly appreciating asset class. Our expertise in this market focuses on premium domain names and Web 3.0 assets including NFTs, the Blockchain, and smart contracts. Our experience includes the highest value domain name transactions in the world. We are involved as investors and advisors on both the buy and sell side.


Our clients include established businesses, emerging brands, venture capital, and private equity firms, which engage us to acquire and sell exact match, category domain names. These discerning enterprises recognize premium domain names as invaluable waterfront properties and appreciating balance sheet investments. Exact match, category domain names are of the utmost strategic importance both offensively and defensively, establishing authority, credibility, and “heard once, remembered forever” branding.

Web 3.0 Assets

HDA’s experience extends beyond domains to Web 3.0. We are thought leaders in the space, studying and investing in it. For instance, we are an early investor in the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). We recognize the opportunities available in Web 3.0 and see Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) as becoming core infrastructure. These assets offer opportunities similar to those website domains pioneered in the late 1990s.

In this rapidly evolving environment, HDA guides its partners into Web 3.0. The strategic transition to NFTs and smart contracts in the months and years ahead will require experienced counsel, even for the most-savvy organization.

Andrew Miller

Hilco Digital Assets is led by Andrew Miller. He has been a leading investor and expert in digital assets, including premium domain names, crypto, and NFTs for 20+ years. Andrew has a track record for facilitating strategic M&A deals, game- changing premium domain name transactions, and NFT investments. He has been a principal in over $330 million of domain name transactions, including many of the highest-value exchanges.

Notable among the many domains Andrew has either invested in or advised on are (acquired by Fairway Independent Mortgage), (acquired by Candy Digital, a Fanatics company), and (acquired by NBC Universal). Others include, Shop,com,,,,,,,,,,, and

Andrew founded (sold to Austin Ventures) and (sold to BankRate). He is an early investor in Bored Ape Yacht Club, Adidas into the Metaverse, Jenkins the Valet, and other blue chip NFT projects, as well as Thrasio, a leading consumer goods company.

Hilco Digital Assets

Hilco Digital Assets was formed by Hilco Global, Hilco Streambank, and Andrew Miller, to be positioned as a leader in digital assets, the fastest growing and most rapidly appreciating asset class. HDA works and partners with Fortune 100 clients, emerging brands, and venture capital & private equity firms to acquire and sell exact match, category domain names. The firm also invests in Web 3.0. Our perspective is that Non- Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are well underway to becoming core infrastructure to successfully competing and conducting business.

Hilco Streambank

Hilco Streambank provides intellectual property services and expertise at the intersection of intangible assets and corporate finance –identifying, preserving, and extracting value for clients. The firm combines an understanding of how to run a successful disposition project with an extensive network of technical professionals providing research, packaging, and marketing expertise to support the sales process. Hilco Streambank’s appraisal process provides lenders with an accurate recovery estimate under a variety of disposition scenarios.