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Comps and Case Studies

Below are some very recent acquisitions of exact match domain names. Further below are Premium Exact Match and Category Domain Name Assets Hilco Digital is overseeing.

Hubspot acquires (reported $10M)
HBO acquired in preparation to rebrand HBO Max to Max upgrades to
BaseLinker acquires
Mill launches on
Papaya Gaming secured
Fetch Rewards acquires
Northern Pacific Airways acquires upgrades to secures
Cherry AB acquires
Gala Games acquires
Chill Brands acquires
MicroAcquire rebrands to Acquire with
National MRI Scan rebrands to
ReleaseHub acquired 
Authentic Brands Group acquires
Pry upgrades to
Bind acquired
Notion upgrades to from
Strive Asset Management becomes acquires acquires after Series D
BalletCrypto acquires
MessageBird acquires after Series C
RootInsurance acquires post IPO
Gravity Forms acquires
Exodus acquires
Dune Analytics acquires after Series B
Panther Labs acquires after $120m Series B
FlyBlade acquired pre Nasdaq listing
CapsuleCares acquired/rebrands -$288m funding
FacetWealth acquires after Series C
Utopia Music acquires
Gabb Wireless acquires after Series A
Microsoft acquired
Wrap Technologies acquired (new NASDAQ symbol)
JoinPapa acquires after $150m series D
Bolt acquired$125m series C
Place acquired$100m Series C acquired by Percent Technology (rebrand from MyPercent) acquired by Near post $134m funding acquired for $2.5m by ColorArt
Google acquired acquired by NBC/Universal Studios
JoinClubhouse acquired post funding
Angel Studios acquired ($2m)
Titan Asset Management acquired
Facebook acquires
Facebook acquires
Mythical Games acquires after $75m funding
Ribbon,com acquired by Ribbon Technologies acquires after $6.3m funding
Momentum Commerce acquires
Bosch Global acquires
Poised acquires after $4.5 series A funding acquired post $25m Series A funding
Fairway acquired above
Bottle Labs acquired
Dapper Labs/Flow Crypto acquired
Class Technologies “Class for Zoom”acquired$30m Series A
TransferWise-acquires & rebrands$1.2B funding
Pilot acquired after $60m from Sequoia
Recursion Pharmaceutical acquired after $456m funding
Illusive Networks acquired $54m round
Astra Space-acquired
Bulk Powders acquired
Step acquired$50m funding
Materialize acquired$32m funding
Alloy acquired$40m funding
Cisco acquired for cloud services
Amazon acquired
Ginger acquired$50m Series D
CultivateAI (Series B funded) acquired and rebrands
Victoria Secret’s Pink acquired
Notarize acquired with $35m round led by Spark Capital
OrchardHomes rebrands to exact match$280m funding
Hero Entertainment acquired -$288m funding
Nuggs acquired$4m Series A
Aura acquired -$150m series C acquired by Sykes, for Penny Hoarder

Domain Name Assets

Hilco Digital is overseeing the following Premium Exact Match and Category Domain Name Assets.

Featured Domains

Gold *com
XL *com
Icon *com
Iconic *com
Legal *com
First *com
Ladder *com
Sugar *com
Perch *com
Sword *com
Sportsfan *com


1800Lending (.com/phone #)
Bebold *com
BirthdayCards *com
Bringit *com
Bronze *com
CommercialBank *com
CustomerLoyalty *com
Eel *com
ElectricVan(s) *com
EUS *com
Experiences *com
First *com
Gold *com
Gothic *com
GreetingCards *com
HMO *com
Icon *com
Iconic *com
Janitors *com
Kennel *com
Kitchen *com
Ladder *com
Legal *com
NFTArt *com
Perch *com
PhoneInsurance *com
Plans *com
Poem *com
Pouch *com
PrivateEquity *com
Privileges *com
Pursuits *com
REOS *com
SecuredLoans *com
Spac *com
Sportsfan *com
StockInvesting *com
Substantially *com
Sugar *com
Sweepstakes *com
Sword *com
TGIF *com
Tourists *com
TravelRewards *com
Unmentionables *com
Upscale *com
Upsells *com
VRTravel *com
VentureCapital *com
XL *com